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Mirrorless Camera from Canon soon?

Sony, Panasonic and Olympus have been going out of their way to fully capitalize on the  mirrorless camera trend. However Canon (and Nikon) one of the leading makers of high-end imaging products has not been spotted with products in this booming segment of the digital camera Industry. An article has been  published by Bloomberg tracking the two company’s seemingly outward trend.

There have been a lot of speculations if Canon will really be tempted to follow the same path as its counterparts, although its president once said that they will be releasing a new model but the latter may or may not be mirrorless. This statement from the company makes Canon’s fate indefinite on a specific line of imaging industry. However, pictures were recently leaked on what could be Canon’s alleged mirrorless which some suggest could be released later this year. If said picture is proven authentic, this will surely confirm the rumors that the company is really entering into the market.

Canon’s late entrance is now creating opportunities for its competitors who have ventured out since mirrorless cameras debuted. Evidently true since their firm’s market share dropped along with Nikkon in the mirrorless leg.

However, this industry’s segment is still very productive from its earning last year. Therefore, experts say that Canon and Nikon’s delayed entry is not yet too late at all. After all there a lot of Canon lovers out there who surely are waiting or a mirrorless camera.

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