Canon EOS 7D Replacement Soon?

Canon EOS 7D Mark II the replacement for the EOS 7D?

Rumour has it that Canon EOS 7D will be replaced. It is said that the 7D at 18MP and 1.6 crop will soon be updated.

The most recent rumour in regards to a Canon 7D update was made in June with the rumour suggesting a Canon EOS 7D Mark 2 will be released later this year however an earlier rumour that surfaced that a 70D may in fact be its replacement in March 2012.

In May, there were talks that the release of a replacement in 2012 no dates were mentioned. Due to the catastrophe in Japan, there are obviously delays in all releases, this added with the fact that we are fast approaching Christmas season, so we are unlikely to see anything this year.

Added to the above last December there had were rumours of a Canon EOS 8D but we don’t think this was anything but a 7D mark2 wishlist.

Specs wise it wont ship with anything that will infringe on the pro models so if anything shutter speed might go up slightly and MP count might hit the 20MP mark, but that’s just speculation on my behalf

In terms of release date our best are on a Late 2012 replacement for the 7D using the mark II badge, which will be after an early 2012 release of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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  1. Tino Jensen says

    Hello Ben.

    When is the 7D mk II / 8D coming out of the closet ?!! When…?!! WHEN…?!!!!

    I have the money now, and I don’t want to buy an eos 7D if there is an update just around the corner anytime soon in 2012.

    Best regards

    Tino, Denmark :-)

    • Tino Jensen says

      Hi Ben.

      Couldn’t wait for your reply. I’ll go for the 5D mk II, as the price is going down now because of the 5d mk III. Thanks anyway :-)



      • ben hoffman says

        Thats a good move, the 5D Mark II is a very capable camera, the improvements in the 5D Mark III are great, however I believe the gap between the 5D Mark (or even the 7D) and the 5D Mark II is greater than the gap between the 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III. So really its a great choice.

    • ben hoffman says

      Sorry for the late relay!

      Based on the information I am hearing and also based on a fairly consistent Canon release cycle we should see the next 7D in the next year. Sorry but I dont think we will see an update in in the next 6 months.

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